2007 Submissions

-Fight- -Fight- Rated Stars FIGHT SCENES 2.5 Minutes collection Everywhere Burritos Everywhere Burritos Rated Stars Song on guitar Halfy The Christmas Shin Halfy The Christmas Shin Rated Stars It's my christmas flash. I always have to do one. so shut up. =D TOC: Brass Monkey TOC: Brass Monkey Rated Stars Finally TOC Brass Monkey is complete! "Fred's Banana" "Fred's Banana" Rated Stars a short movie about a guy banana and gun Hey!™ Hey!™ Rated Stars this was originally for an NGTT but.. it got all screwey and ppl wuit and blah blah blah, The 600-Frame Collab The 600-Frame Collab Rated Stars 7 artists...one background...600 frames Tekno's Action Tutorial Tekno's Action Tutorial Rated Stars A tutorial how to make guns and explosions, some things are mispelled so be aware of that, Informative NGTTXIII NGTTXIII Rated Stars NGTTXIII Other Bone sizzler! Bone sizzler! Rated Stars A man falls from the sky and says something humorous. Very humorous. NGTTXII NGTTXII Rated Stars NGTTXII Other A Timely Death V A Timely Death V Rated Stars The fith one. Yay! I recommend headphones for this episode for the best sound. Also, this A Timely Death IV A Timely Death IV Rated Stars 4th in my series of "Timely Death" Action Super Banana Slug Man I Super Banana Slug Man I Rated Stars Episode one in a funny series about a Banana Slug superhero. TOC: Product TOC: Product Rated Stars Okay first of all, if you hate it, I say "screw you". and don't leave hatefull reviews. Skaters of Area K.O. II Skaters of Area K.O. II Rated Stars This is another episode of Skaters of Area K.O. I personally don't think this one is ... Weebl & Bob Tribute Weebl & Bob Tribute Rated Stars I just made this tribute because I had just finished watching a whole bunch of weebl and b TOC: Agent TOC: Agent Rated Stars A very Violent episode of the out crowd that doesn't really have anything to do with any.. TOC: Dungeons & Dummies TOC: Dungeons & Dummies Rated Stars Four friends find adventure in a DND game Interactive Interactive Rated Stars Your city has been attacked by a group of merciless warriors. you must escape TOC: Old Style TOC: Old Style Rated Stars In an old timer tv style, Ale and Fizz pla baseball, but the game isn't going as planned. Egg Cartoons Egg Cartoons Rated Stars A collection of egg cartoons that I made with my friends for a flash contest. A Timely Death III A Timely Death III Rated Stars Epsiode 3: "Meeting" Bot Bot Rated Stars Those little plastic robots fight it out! TOC: Demonic Hippos TOC: Demonic Hippos Rated Stars The out crowd goes to "Hippie Hippo's" Fun Center. TOC:Happy Valentine's Day TOC:Happy Valentine's Day Rated Stars A music video with the out crowd Gumby Gumby Rated Stars Gumby gets torn to peices by a hand. TOC: D&D&D&D&D TOC: D&D&D&D&D Rated Stars I don't care if you hate this series but I have a lot of fun making them!
A Timely Death II A Timely Death II Rated Stars A really cool vielent movie kinda like battlefield A Timely Death I A Timely Death I Rated Stars (EXTREMELY VIOLENT AND WHO CARES WHO WATCHES, I DON'T) Skaters of Area K.O. Skaters of Area K.O. Rated Stars have you ever wondered what would happen if skaters went to Area K.O.? I Need Money I Need Money Rated Stars A hilarious movie about a jet ski and this guys problems. Inspired by bad inventions. Mr. Calm Guy Mr. Calm Guy Rated Stars No, this is not a sequel to mr late guy, it is just another thing, except this is much bet Tekno's Madness Tribute Tekno's Madness Tribute Rated Stars A madness tribute by teknogames Action Mental Streisand Mental Streisand Rated Stars Barbra Streisand goes crazy on christmas! TOC: So Called Origins TOC: So Called Origins Rated Stars The Third TOC I've made. When they are all babies and first meet eachother. TOC: Haloween Special TOC: Haloween Special Rated Stars Special Haloween episode of the outcrowd....... In late November? VGS: Megaman VGS: Megaman Rated Stars episode two of a ridiculous joke telling serie VGS: Mario VGS: Mario Rated Stars episode 1 of Video Game shorts Mr. Late Guy Mr. Late Guy Rated Stars This was just a small movie I have no Idea how I thought it up.... TOC: D&D Mayhem TOC: D&D Mayhem Rated Stars Episode 1 of a series based with three friends and their lives Area K.O. Episode VII Area K.O. Episode VII Rated Stars Episode 7 of the popular series Area Knock Out. hehe City Night City Night Rated Stars Hehe, one of my more sweeter movies, compared to all my others.... Clock Fruit Execution Clock Fruit Execution Rated Stars The Fruits betray the clock crew so now they are being executed Area K.O. Episode VI Area K.O. Episode VI Rated Stars Episode 6 Baby! Clayish: Can Clayish: Can Rated Stars My second claymation Clayish: Bowling Clayish: Bowling Rated Stars A claymation movie about bowling Pico Gets Transformed Pico Gets Transformed Rated Stars Pico gets turned into a hamster and kills a scientist Area K.O. Episode V Area K.O. Episode V Rated Stars Okay, know everyone is saying my area K.O. episodes should be longer, and trust me, fra... ...a ...a Rated Stars People with electrical asses, what next you say? Area K.O. Episode IV Area K.O. Episode IV Rated Stars 4th in the series of area knock out City Stuff 2 City Stuff 2 Rated Stars Just because you can steal one car, doesn't mean you can steal four Macomber Punishment #3 Macomber Punishment #3 Rated Stars 3rd in the series of movies I made about my band teacher. I don't like him that much Old Stick Figure VS. New Old Stick Figure VS. New Rated Stars A fight to the death beetween the original stick figure and this new "Rayman" type one. City Stuff City Stuff Rated Stars Pretty simple, Guy goes to gheto town and someone takes his money ect. Stick Figure Agency I Stick Figure Agency I Rated Stars Follow a S.F. agent as he tries to asasinate the enemy. Contains interactivity. The Birds: Live! The Birds: Live! Rated Stars The bird band on stage! Area K.O. Trilogy Area K.O. Trilogy Rated Stars Finally the first three Area K.O episodes combined!!! Area K.O. Episode III Area K.O. Episode III Rated Stars Episode 3 of the Area K.O series Samurai Kiwi Bird 2 Samurai Kiwi Bird 2 Rated Stars Samurai Kiwi Bird goes into a starbucks & fights Ninja Penguin Samurai Kiwi Bird Samurai Kiwi Bird Rated Stars Samurai blood is inserted in this poor kiwi bird by accident. Now what will happen??? Skate Dude Skate Dude Rated Stars A little thing my brother made for his skate crew, FFS Area K.O. Episode II Area K.O. Episode II Rated Stars Episode II of the Area K.O. series Area K.O.  Episode I Area K.O. Episode I Rated Stars Episode 1 of Area K.O Sakia VS. Black Stick Sakia VS. Black Stick Rated Stars A fight to the death with 2 stick figures and an alternative ending.